Saturday, December 27, 2008

Win Cupcakes Club Books

This contest is closed. Congratulations to our winner!

Giveaway: The Cupcakes Club Book Series from The Cupcakes Club
In a joint effort to celebrate the re-launch of Mighty Miracle Mist and have some relaxing fun during this stressful Holiday time, Helpful Hallie's and CreateChatter Marketing & PR bring to you several fun website "Hunts"! The "Hunts" will include websites that may or may not be known to you, but deserve to be noticed! All of the websites are family-friendly and range from keeping you organized to helping out a great charity.
So... I know you are excited, so let's get started!
The Cupcakes Club Book Series
This wonderful giveaway definitely was made specifically for the little girl in our life. Based on the six characters of The Cupcakes Club, your little girl will learn all about the fun that Jessica, Summer, Valentina, Jada, Ashley, and Sierra are up to!

The Product:

3 Book Series from The Cupcakes Club
(Value: $18.99)

  • Spotlight on the Cupcakes
  • Dog Gone Drama
  • Shakin Up Soccer, Summer Style

The Website:
From The Cupcakes Club About Us section
We are girls that crave fun, celebrate with good tastes, have a sweet tooth for sleepovers, and are tempted to talk past our bedtime with friends. A Cupcake can be simple or sophisticated, classic or cute, with sprinkles or without; but what makes a Cupcakes girl extra special? The secret is wholesome goodness found inside each one.

Be part of something delicious, be part of The Cupcakes Club!
How To Enter: Extremely simple!
  • Visit the The Cupcakes Club website
  • Read about the six Cupcakes; Jessica, Summer, Valentina, Jada, Ashley, Sierra
  • Choose the one that best matches the little girl in your life
  • Return to this post and leave a comment
  • Giveaway is open until 11:59 PM EST Friday, January 2, 2009
First entry: Your comment should include your name, email address, and remark on how the Cupcake girl you chose matches the little girl in your life. Also, sign up for free membership to The Cupcakes Club for your little girl.
Second entry: You can earn another entry if you Tweet about this giveaway. Please return here to leave a comment that you tweeted.

Third entry: You can earn a third entry if you post on your blog about this giveaway from Helpful Hallie's and the great fun being had at The Cupcakes Club. Again, return here to leave a comment and include your post link.

Open to residents within the United States.

Winner will be chosen by

Good luck to all those entering and make sure you stop by for our next BIG giveaway! A view of what is up:
A wonderful set of spa products from Touch'd: a scrub, bath butter, and pouf in Almond Puff.


Connie said...

My daughter best reminds me of Jessica. She loves music and wants a dog. She is excited about the environment and learning about weather.

We signed up for the Cupcake Club too!


Connie said...

Here is the URL for my tweet about the contest

Rebecca said...

My little girl is most like Ashley; a chatterbox to the end and shopping is her favorite thing, as long as we are shopping for her! She is clothes and shoe obsessed.

Sally B said...

My daughter is like Ashley, she talks from the time she wakes up until she goes to sleep. She also loves to shop especially for shoes.

entries at rallybas dot com

Lindsey said...

My daughter is still very young, but I would say Jessica because my husband and I love music and play guitar. :-) Thanks for the giveaway!

ladyufshalott at

susan said...

My niece is just like Ashley Sweet because she loves to talk too! Ask her about her conference calls!!!

windycindy said...

Hi, What a cute concept for the dolls and books! My niece is quite a bit like Ashley. She can talk with the best of them. I would love to win these books for her. She enjoys reading very much. Many thanks, Cindi

Ellen C. said...

I think my niece would like Jessica the best. Thanks for the chance.

sweetascandy579 at yahoo dot com

Tisa said...

My daughter reminds me of Victoria! ~ :) THanks - cute giveaway!

acmilan68 [at]

Chris said...

My daughter does very well in school and loves to cook, so I would have to say Valentina

kissyjensen at gmail dot com said...

My daughter is Valentina in training.

Anonymous said...

I think my daughter would love Valentina since she loves learning new things.

Alli said...

My daughter is probably the most like Valentina because she loves to learn so much!

ariella at blight dot com

Sarah Speaks- Savvy SAHM Reviews & Giveaways said...

I think my daughter is a cross between Jessica & Sierra. She loves music, dogs, dancing & clothes

nancy said...

My daughter likes horses, so I'd say Ashley, thanks!

MJ said...

My niece is more like Jessica..She wants to be a vet and loves music!

MJ said...

I tweeted!

silverhartgirl said...

Ashly reminds me of my daughter, shopping talking on the phone and love of horses

The Halton Mom said...

My little girl is a mix of all of the Cupcake Club girls. She is a little bit of a renaissance girl. Thanks for the opportunity.

lil_wifey21 at yahoo dot com

Donna Benson said...

Hello all-Something else you may want to mention for the books is that we will be starting a Cupcakes Clues for Cash giveaway this week (will begin 1/1/09 and end on 1/15/09 and start up again in Feb with the same dates allowing everyone to get books!)- and if you have the books you can win $100 cash each month simply by looking for clues in the books and being the member whose name is chosen among those with the correct entries. So, in a way, the books can put some change in your pocket as well :)Thanks much and Happy New Year everyone!
Donna Benson
founder The Cupcakes Club

VickeC said...

Sierra is like my grandaughter she loves to sing an dance too


Anonymous said...

Ashley Sweet is sooo like my sweet daughter! Thanks for this fabulous offer!


betty R.~Simply Southern said...

would have to go with Jessica..both granddaughters growing up in a musical family ,they most have to be already playing guitar and drums//lol..
poor me..
happy new year and enter me please
betty r

betty R.~Simply Southern said...

blogged you here

Christin said...

this is too cute!! my daughter is a jessica:) thanks!

AmandaSue said...

My niece is most like Sierra, she loves dancing and is always particular about what she wears and love trying to create her own fashion styles. Thanks for entering me.

Danielle said...

My daughter is most like Ashley. I just signed up for the Cupcake club.

Carolyn said...

My daughter is Sierra. Acting in classes and putting on plays with friends, she is the next broadway star.

lorides said...

My 8 year old is Ashley. She loves to shop and talks non-stop

Peggy said...

My daughter is a Ashley but a quiet Ashley,she loves shoppinng and all the cupcake stuff.

kaylee8 said...

My daughter is like Sierra Peters - she loves to shop and loves creating different fashionable outfits!

klp1965 said...

i have to pick sierra because my daughters name is sierra :)

The Driftwood Collector said...

My daughter is probably a cross between Jessica and Ashley. Great giveaway!

Anonymous said...

Liz is most like Ashley. She has a running commentary going from the time she wakes up until she falls asleep. She pretends all day long with her imaginary friends. She does the voices for all of them including accents. Sometimes I wonder if she has multiple personalities. who knew a 7 year old had so much to say?