Monday, December 1, 2008

Holiday Trivia on Twitter Event

BIG event hitting Twitter and you are invited!
In celebration of our Holiday Season and in honor of a product re-launch for Mighty Miracle Mist, Helpful Hallie's and CreateChatter are co-hosting Holiday Trivia on Twitter. A fun event keeping with the holiday spirit, Holiday Trivia is all about sharing with our fellow tweeples and giving away some excellent items!
The Basics:
During the Holiday Trivia Event, we will be sharing with you some known and not-so-known websites and blogs from our list of must-see! The next step is to have our participants visit their designated website or blog, review the site, and then answer their trivia question on Twitter. And of course, you know the rest - the first to answer - WINS!
Now those participating in the night, but not participating in the rounds of trivia, we haven't left you out! We will be sharing in fun discussion about the fun and quirkiness of parenting and family life. Hmmm... what is your most embarrassing moments as a parent? Did your child do something wrong that you couldn't help but laugh at? What is your most memorable Christmas memory with your kids? What is your most memorable Christmas memory from when you were a child?
Next Week:
Beginning next Monday, December 8, there will be a post on Helpful Hallie's blog, listing all of the websites and blogs that will be participating in the trivia event, as well as a listing of the giveaways. For those wanting to participate in the trivia event portion, we will ask you to sign up by leaving a comment regarding which giveaway you would like to win. Now, of course you can choose all of the giveaways, but you will only be allowed to participate in one round of trivia.
Other Stuff:
  • Seven (7) rounds of trivia (possibly 10)
  • Three (3) participants per round
  • Website or blog will be given the night of the event
  • All participants will be chosen by
  • Call sign for the event: #HH
  • Follow @Helpful_Hallie, @Brunette01 for the event
This is just some of the information to get you interested! All the specifics will be available in the official post Next Monday, December 8th. The Holiday Trivia Event will take place on Friday, December 19th.
We are still accepting sponsors for the giveaways during the Holiday Trivia Event. If you would like to sponsor a giveaway, please contact dannie (at) createchatterpr (dot) com with Trivia Sponsor in the subject. We are accepting giveaways for everyone in mind - moms, dads, boys, and girls!
We hope to see you there!

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