Thursday, December 11, 2008


Huge Holiday Trivia Event
BIG event hitting Twitter and you are invited!

In celebration of our Holiday Season and in honor of a product re-launch for Mighty Miracle Mist, Helpful Hallie's and CreateChatter are co-hosting a Holiday Trivia Event. To keep everyone in the holiday spirit, Holiday Trivia is all about sharing with our fellow tweeples and giving away some excellent items!

Location: Twitter
Date: Friday, December 19th
Time: 9pm EST (approximately 2 hours)
**Hastage for the event: #HH
**Follow @Helpful_Hallie, @Brunette01

How the trivia will work:

  • Eight (8) rounds of trivia
  • Three (3) participants per round
  • Website or blog will be given the night of the event
  • All participants will be chosen by

During each round, participants will be asked a question specific to a blog or website they must visit. During the visit, each will need to review the blog / website, find the answer to the question, and then answer their trivia question on Twitter. The first reply - WINS!

Nope. Not at all normal trivia. Our purpose for this trivia is to share with participants and those in the discussion, new and known locations around the web. It is all about promoting others this Holiday season!
Not chosen to participate in a trivia round? You're still involved! We will be sharing in humerus discussion about the fun and quirkiness of parenting and family life. Hmmm... what is your most embarrassing moments as a parent? Did your child do something wrong that you couldn't help but laugh at? What is your most memorable Christmas memory with your kids? What is your most memorable Christmas memory from when you were a child? You never know... might be something fun in it for you!

Now what?

Listed below are the items up for grabs during the trivia event. You can sign up for as many as you like, but you will only be allowed to participate in one round if chosen. You will not know until the night of the event which round goes with which giveaway. Participants will be chosen through

To participate you will need to:

One chance: Leave a comment on the Helpful Hallie's blog with your name, email, and the item(s) you want to try for.

Second chance: Post about the event on your own blog. Please include the link to your post in your comment.

Third chance: Tweet your heart out. Let other on Twitter know about the fun event! Please state in your comment that you tweeted your heart out.

Giveaway #1: Hippos Toes Virtual Gift Certificate ($25.00 value) Please see site here
Giveaway #2: 4-pack Mighty Miracle Mist ($15.75 value) Please visit site here
Giveaway #3: The Cupcakes Club Book Series ($18.99 value) Please visit site here
Giveaway #4: Touch'd Spa Products ($64.00 value) Please visit site here
(includes scrub, bath butter, and pouf in Almond Puff)
Giveaway #5: Karito Kid's Piper of Australia Doll & Book ($99.00 value) Please visit site here
Giveaway #6: Precious Girls Club Prize package ($50.00 value) Please visit site here
(includes Tote, 3 friendship bracelets, Patches plush toy, book, charm bracelet, extra charm)
Giveaway #7: Humanitas Wines (TBD value) Please visit site here
(includes: Sauvignon Blanc, Chardonnay, Pinot Noir, Cabernet)
Giveaway #8: Bin Ends Wine Virtual Gift Certificate (TBD value) Please see site here
Giveaway #9: AXE Line of products for men (TBD value) Please see site here

Yes, Virgina, there are more giveaways then trivia rounds! Just be there the night of December 19th! Hope to see you there!!!

Would you like to offer a giveaway for this fun filled night? We are still accepting sponsors for the Holiday Trivia Event. If you would like to sponsor a giveaway, please contact dannie (at) createchatterpr (dot) com with Trivia Sponsor in the subject. We are accepting giveaways for everyone in mind - moms, dads, boys, and girls!

Please use your Twitter Name and Twitter URL on Mr. Linky. Thanks.

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Sharnese LaNier said...

Excited about the Trivia event on Twitter! I'll write a post, and tweet the event! So helpful Hallie:-) & lot's of fun! I would like to be a sponsor, or contribute a travel giveaway. Tell me if that's acceptable! Have a great day!